The name vodka is derived from the Russian word Voda (water). But the origin of this drink is still under debate. The sources say that vodka originated around the 8th century somewhere in Russia or Poland but this beverage was also got popular in the world was second. The consumption of this drink spread around the world very rapidly

This beverage is very flexible according to the volume of a particular country. This usually served in small glass unmixed and chilled.

One of the best think about vodka is that it may be mixed with any other mixture without changing its flavor in any cocktails

Some of the famous vodka cocktail like.

  • Screwdriver
  • Bloody Marry
  • martini
  • Moscow mule
  • cosmo
  • caipirovska
  • lemon drop
  • Appletini

How Vodka is Made

The process of making it is very simple it just needs any foodstuff that contains sugar and starch from fermentation. Fermentation is a process in which sugar fed to yeast, that help in producing alcohol

Generally, alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water. Then collect the evaporated alcohol which separating from the mixture due to boiling by this process you will get only 16% alcohol by the total volume.

Vodka made from

Most of the vodka is made from fermented grains like sorghum, corn, fruit like grapes, and green apple, orange. Some of the famous vodka like

  • Grey Goose = This is made up of fruit like orange, lemon, and special wheat that grows in France only, sown in October and harvested in the month of August. This vodka is gluten-free
  • Absolute = This is made up from the winter wheat that grows near in south Sweden and some of the fruit used to improve its flavors like lemon, apple, and ginger, blueberry
  • Belvedere = This is made up of grains that grown in Poland or potatoes with polish water, some of the fruit are also used like mango, lemon that gives the mouth a unique experience.
  • Ciro = Ciro is made from the french grain and the special grapes that used to distilled this vodka are also grown in the Charente-Maritime region french only.
  • Pinnacle = Pinnacle is made from the finest wheat of the north France region with pure French spring water. By adding some fruit like orange, France grapes, and apple that improve its rich flavor.
  • Crystal Head = This vodka produce in California with the highest quality peaches and cream corn with pristine water from Newfoundland, of Canada. some of the fruit like peach, citrus, corn, spicy, lemon.
  • Svedka = svedka is made in Lidköping, Sweden this made from wheat due to that its gluten-free fruit like cherry, clementine, raspberry, vanilla, blue raspberry, are used to improve its flavor.
  • Beluga Noble = Beluga is made up of 100% wheat grain. It contains flavored with sugar, honey, oatmeal infusion, and vanilla.
  • Sky = Sky vodka made from U.S based grains and water, this vodka has flavor but with little bitterness the process of making it gives great flavor and great aroma.

Vodka Nutrition facts

Vodka is one of the No sodium, Lowest calorie beverage, No fat, and has almost no carbs, No fiber, No cholesterol. If you mixed with any other sugary mixture then you will find some calories in it.

If you get an infused flavor vodka then also you will not get any kind of calories because these infused flavors are to avoid the high sugary mixture like orange juice or any other juice. But never get confused with flavor-infused vodka with any other cocktail which added flavored sugar syrups because this process contain very high calories

Health benefits of vodka

1.Reduces Stress

It is known to reduce stress very effectively than any other alcohol like red wine. It helps in relaxing the mind when you consumed in a limited quintet.

2. Help to lose weight

This is carbohydrate-free and has almost no calories per ounce. the only trick is to use it plain or with sugar -free juices. because generally, people mixed vodka with juices to improve its taste but that juices carry a very high amount of calories.

3.Minimize the Wrinkles

This drink is not just about to drink forgets its benefits but it also much more when it comes to health benefits. Mix a tablespoon of vodka with honey rub all over your face then leave it for around 20 minutes then wash your face from the water

4. Heart Health Vodka

This drink has a dilating effect on the arteries of the heart so that arteries stimulate the free flow of the blood through the veins so this drink helps you to protect your heart from strokes, and heart attack. the popular drink also improves the good cholesterol in our bodies.

5. Vodka For Dental Care

To remove bad odor this drink is one of the best choices for mouthwash. It has a natural disinfectant that can help ward off harmful germs. It also helps in removing gum pain.

6. Vodka for Hair

Yes, this drink is not just made people lush and bouncy but just to add 1 ounce of it to your shampoo can make a great change to your scalp. It helps to break down the oil that makes your hair droll and helps to combat dry scalp.

7. Best Antiseptic

vodka is a great antiseptic to sterilize a wound and prevent infection from developed by an animal bite. But be careful never put this drink on burn skin because it contains alcohol in it will dry it out even more.

8. Over All Benefits of Vodka

Drink vodka increases cardiovascular health, improves your arteries for blood flow, fewer acute hospitalization, lower body weight with less risk of stroke. The best to consume it one for women and two for men.

How to drink vodka

Drunk it totally depends on individual preference. one can enjoy drink vodka like “directly plan vodka”, or can choose a cocktail, or can make an infused vodka drink.

  • Drinking plain vodka is largely preferred by people. Before making the decision to drink it plan you can just make it little by chilled so when you sip it you will find it very smooth
  • If you choose a cocktail then you can try with “screwdriver” you can add vodka with orange juice with some ice cube. This is the best cocktail to drink in brunch
  • You can also try the “Bloody Mary” cocktail this is a very famous cocktail with a mixture with tomato juice with some pepper and salt add very few ice cube just to make the glass a bit cold this cocktail will please your tastebuds
  • Have sex on the beach“, this cocktail is made up of many fruit flavors .so it quit depend on individual preference. The best you can do is include vodka with some orange juice, cranberry juice, and apple syrup, garnish the rim of the glass with an orange slice


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