Rum comes from byproducts of the sugar industry like molasses. The Caribbean and Latin America produced much of the world’s rum. Light rums are the base for cocktails like the minty mojito.

Amber rums are medium-bodied and aged for the flavor they’re often drunk straight as is dark rum. The strongest tasting of all this fine amber rum is the product of a long and complex process that begins with the harvest of mature sugarcane plants. The cut cane goes to a sugar mill where they wash it. Then crush it to extract its sweet juice.

They boil it down this produces a kind of molasses that then goes on to a centrifuge machine that draws out excess moisture. Rum-making really begins here. In the distillation towers, where ferment made from molasses distills into raw rum to make the ferment,

Molasses mixed with water and yeast heats and open tanks for about 30 hours this converts sugar into alcohol a sample straight from one of those tanks notice that foamy top layer that’s fermentation in action before distilling.

The contents of the tank technicians first test the sample in the glass spill steam heats the ferment and releases alcohol vapors that condense at the top of the column as they travel down the still spiral the vapors cool and condense even more the liquid that collects in the beaker

Rum is made from


80% alcohol it’s the same process inside the distillation towers on a much larger scale the ferment must reach 80 degrees Celsius to distill into raw rum then it’s stored in 50,000-liter containers until they test it for quality.

Then gas-powered boilers provide the steam heat for the distillation towers workers monitored the distilling towers day and night process facility can produce up to 40,000 liters of raw rum a day all stored in big gigantic silos.

Then the raw rum goes into charred oak barrels it’s mixed with water and left to age anywhere from 1 to 12 years the charred wood produces esters that give the rum color flavor and aroma. The longer it ages the more good the flavor.

Technicians perform tests on the sample at the distilleries laboratory closely monitoring the aging process first using a hydrometer to measure the amount of alcohol in the samples.

To make sure it’s in the standard 50 percent range next they smell each sample to make sure the aromas are in balance they keep a journal of all their observations.

Quality control is the key to producing a consistent flavorful product once it is aged the rum is bottled it’s a fully automated process first they sterilize new bottles in a sodium carbonate solution. Then a conveyor moves them to a filling station that can process 150 bottles a minute rotating wheels deliver.

The bottles to a lever system that raises them up to the nozzles on pneumatic pumps they fill up with rum over 72,000 of them each day next aluminum bottle caps come down a chute right onto the bottle tops.

A piston valve pushes down on the caps and tightly seals each bottle next stop labeling first a spinning roller applies glue to panels set on a rotating wheel.

The panel’s pass a dispenser and a label glue onto them another rotating wheel grabs the labels from the panel and transfers them onto the bottles sponges press them neatly into place as the bottles convey out of the labeling station.

Brushes smooth out each label finally the bottles lower into boxes twelve at a time to ship to customers all over the world.

Type of Rum.

Do you know rum produce around 80 countries, using many different and inovative methods, let me tell you the some popular and different type of rum.

White or Clear Rum.

White rum usually has a very smooth flavor. This rum often uses for making delicious cocktails. white rum is popular to the common drinks for example (rum, coke, and lime), some of the popular white rum is “Bacardi superior“, “Don Q cristal“, “Cruzan Estate light“, “Oronoco“, “Mount gay silver”, “Matusalem Platino“,

Gold or Pale Rum

Golden type of rum present more flovorful profile than white rum. This rum used to creat very stron cocktails. golden rum takes many years.

This rum often enjoy by on the rocks or neat, some of the popular recipes for backing and making dessert as well.

Some of the popular golden rum are 1 barrl , appleton special, Barcelo Dorado, Brugal Anejo, Bermudez Ron Dorado, Bermudez ron dorado,

Dark Rum

Rum that took long years are known as dark rum..when this rum used in cocktail recipes then this gives more flavor to then white rum, some of the dark rum include “Cruzan Estate Dark’, “Bacardi select”, “Diplomatico Anejo”, “Angostura Dark 5”, “Angostura 1919”, “Appleton v\x”

Black Rum

The darkest heavy bodied rum referred as black rum. This rum used in many drinks but this ingredient used to balance flavor of drink against gold, and white rum. This is generally made from molasses dark and thick.

This black rum are often uses in backing candy-making industries, imparting bold sweet spicy flavors to cake, candies, desserts and saucrs. Black rum are often chaeewd fired heavily, black rum are popular in british territories such as Bermuda, Jamaica, the virgin island and Guyana.

Some of the famous black rums are, coruba, Cruzan black strap, Gosling’s black seal, Maui dark rum, Myer’s, Skipper Demerara, Woods 100, and Whaler’s Dark

Navy Rum

Navy rum is traditional dark, full-bodied rum associted with the British Royal Navy

The royal navy was custom of ration to the sailors, back in 1655 when the British fleet captured the jamaica island. the majority supply of old British royal navy rum is an international adventure, some popular navy style rum include “lamb’s navy rum“, Pusser’s“, lemon hart, skipper demerara, and wood’s100

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